Our Value Proposition

Sirab Technologies leverages radar techniques that are highly proven to demonstrate that these solutions could offer high accuracy and precision, low false alarm rates, and superior performances when compared with other approaches being pursued globally.

Sirab Technologies comes with key skill sets in:

  • Autonomous Air and Ground Vehicles including Radar and Vision based Sensor Technologies, Guidance and Control technologies.
  • Embedded Systems and Software Development for Avionics.
  • Innovative Algorithms and Software Development for Radar, Guidance and Control.
  • Safety-Critical Wireless Communications.
  • Safety and Security Critical Real-time Operating Systems
  • Separation and Partitioning Kernels, Hypervisors
  • Wireless And Wireline Communications
  • Hard and Soft Real-Time Embedded Systems and Software
  • Mission Assurance and Certifications
  • Systems Engineering and Modeling

Sirab’s Core Technology Of Primary Guidance System Consists Of:


  1. Structured Guidance system in dedicated lanes using on-board radars and high RCS reflectors optimized for radar detection and measurement accuracy.
  2. Technology to allow vehicles for structured high-speed merging and demerging without impacting the flow and speeds in the dedicated road lane.
  3. Allows Hard-Realtime, coordinated, synchronous control for platooning – to achieve desired safety standards that aids vehicle fuel savings, higher lane capacity, while improving traffic flow and reducing traffic jams.
  4. Safety Assurance – a deterministic, safer, realistic approach with limited need for operational maintenance
  5. Technology solutions that augment the comfort for the driver without concerns of loss of jobs – a key concern to the government and public utilities.

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